About Us

Difficult times have propelled us to form ONE SOURCE OF NEW JERSEY LLC.  We are Gary Morgan and Alan Kimmelman, both with over 60 years of experience combined.  So much has changed in our industry in the last 30 years – where do we begin?  This is what’s been going on – see if you agree.

Old Way of Buying:  Buy what you want and put it on the shelf with limited regard to price.

Today’s Reality:  Buy only what you need when you need it and check around for the best pricing.

Our Solutions:

  • One-on-one discussions as to what products are needed.
  • Upfront prices and quantities in computerized form.
  • Quick access to most products in our line.

Concerns of today’s customers……

Concern:  Too many different people to deal with.

  • Our Solution:  One sales rep only with a direct line of communication.

Concern:  Pricing not consistent or expensive.

  • Our Solution:  Competitive pricing that you get to check before you buy.

Concern:  Overstocking.

  • Our Solution:  Overstocking is eliminated; after our recommendations, you decide the quantities and items you want.

Concern:  Lack of product knowledge.

  • Our Solution:  Your sales rep will have over 30 years of experience with MRO products.

Concern:  Receiving the wrong product.

  • Our Solution:  At the slim chance you’ve received the wrong item, you will get an even exchange or refund, your choice.

Concern:  Inferior products.

  • Our Solution:  Our products are specifically geared for maintenance and meet or exceed manufacturers requirements.

Our Business Model

Know your products, work one-on-one with each customer, charge a reasonable price, deliver items quickly and efficiently, handle the best quality products, and make sure each customer is Number One.

That’s it!  Now it’s up to you to take advantage.  We look forward to hearing from you.